Helping children be the best they can be

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Helping children be the best they can be
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We ask you to read and ensure that your child understands and complies with the school behaviour policy. This will ensure that a suitable environment is maintained and help to ensure that your child enjoys attending school.


Jesson’s Church of England Primary School is organised so children and staff are happy, confident and at ease. We nurture this by encouraging staff and children to work closely in teams. We believe that a healthy balance between punishments and rewards exists. We encourage everyone to implement rules fairly and consistently to foster good behaviour in a positive way within an ethos of hard work, care, commitment and responsibility.


Our school aim of “Excellence for all … Excellence from all” underpins our whole school approach towards valuing staff and pupils. In terms of behaviour this means we need to create a climate in which there is a strong promotion of positive behaviour.

This policy aims to create a common understanding of the purpose and meaning of rules and routines to create a learning environment.