Helping children be the best they can be

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Helping children be the best they can be
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This is Our School

On these pages we want to show you some of the great things that we do at Jesson's C of E Primary School.

There are examples of work done by children, photographs of different areas around the school and videos of school activities.

Please follow the links - we will be adding more so keep coming back.

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The Aims of our school  (Our Goal)

At Jesson’s VA Primary School, Christian values are deeply embedded. Our school is founded on values of tolerance, love and respect, and central to Jesson’s ethos is the belief that every child is unique and important.  

Our aim is to provide an excellent all-round education for every one of our children so they can achieve the highest academic standards possible, make excellent progress and be the best they can be.  

We want each child to develop self-respect and to respect the opinions, feelings and beliefs of others.  

Children and staff will be fully encouraged to develop an active interest and motivation in their own learning.   

All children and staff will be given an equal opportunity to learn.  

Our school will be a safe, secure and inspiring place that children and staff value and underpins our value of education.  

We aim to create a happy, warm and welcoming environment for the children, families and neighbours of Jesson’s.

We will actively encourage the involvement of parents and carers in school life, to further their child’s education and their own.   

“Helping children be the best they can be.” Our School